Our story

We believe a nice handbag can make your day. Small things in life are the ones that make every day special and unique. That is the reason why we are devoted to accessories, to help our clients add a graceful touch, an accent of originality, of fun, of color, a little something (sometimes a bag, sometimes a scarf…) to everyday, making it special and memorable.

NOVOPROM was born in 1992 to offer marketing services and premium accessories to the perfume and cosmetics industry. With over 25 years of experience it has become a leading fashion accessories specialist, providing a bespoke client-centered service that is responsive to the complex market environment. We pride ourselves on loving the product, and our ability to achieve the right balance of beautiful design, high quality and competitive prices.

Running through the core of our business psychology are sustainability and social compliance. We are committed with our world and we constantly work for a sustainable footprint. We follow internationally defined standards of socially responsible production and select our production partners according to ethical aspects.

Today, NOVOPROM has two divisions: fashion accessories and gift/premium items, can offer you a wide range of tailor-made products: handbags, briefcases, umbrellas, scarves, hats, belts, stationery items, home products, etc.

We are passionate about co-imagining with our clients and turning innovative ideas into reality. Our strength is our ability to understand our clients, to anticipate their needs, and to proactively present solutions that fit their brand and outlook. We work in a very selective way, styles selected in one country we don’t supply to others in the same market, the same we can guarantee for our factories.

Our collections are produced in China, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Morocco  and several countries in Europe. Our constant search for new ideas will take us to the major fashion cities as Tokyo, New York, London and Paris as also visiting the key fashion trade shows in Europe & Far East.